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BxAcorn Trauma Institute

BX Acorn Trauma Institute is Georgia’s only center specializing in providing clinical excellence in trauma treatment for women, including: 

"Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them."

- Albert Einstein

In addition to offering specialized trauma treatment, the BXAcorn Trauma Institute conducts on-going trauma competency training opportunities and provides clinical resources for professionals in the community to help ensure the Gold Standard from trauma competency is achieved.   

Why is BxAcorn Trauma Institute Special?

Because it's built on proven principles of recovery from trauma. Through intensive, clinically superior and evidence based modalities customized for individual treatment for the needs of each client who is motivated for change. 

A Better Way

Economical - Insurance and Financing Options

Faster - 30 day Rapid Recovery Plans

Flexible - Day and Evening Schedules

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Solid footing and someone who cares

Our services are designed to:

  • Engage the Client
  • Empower the Will
  • Restore the Hope